Quick to Move Fast​(​feat. Sara P​.​)

from by Maximalism



I've got your number
I've got your home address
I've got a feeling
that you like this dress
let's have a dance
I smell the scotch on your breath
the same stench that you left when you left me in death
this is surreal
too candid to be real
you comitted the crime
i was awake the whole time
left in the past
you were quick to move fast
I feel no guilt your next move is your last
that is your name
your past and your future are far from humane
if only you could see me now
back then
pray you never ever see me again
there are no eyes from the satellites to pierce these walls
we've got about four hours til we see the dawn
another 24 before they know you're gone
you thought you were rid of me
but I guess you were wrong
wrong I guess you were wrong
you were wrong
wrong and there's no debating
no debating
and i'm back to reality
i've got the motivation
i feel your exhalation
my dear so easily i draw the fear in you that you gave to me


from Strings and Circuitry, released September 16, 2012




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