Smooth​(​feat. Kawehi)

from by Maximalism



In record time

the words were mine

Put ink to the page

gave the story a stage

And now it's your turn

to make me learn

your show to make

My words to take

you make it shine so bright

I only feel it in my bones when it feels right

ooh when it feel so right

I only feel it when it's smooth, quick and quiet like

ooh and it feels so right


on the inside


yeah it feels so right


and even if I could decide


I'd still say it feels so right

Look for the shapes and angles

your words are your key

some fit close together

quite perfectly

And now it's my turn

to tell you to see

the ways of your words

make me weak in my knees

and you make you make me shine so bright


from Strings and Circuitry, released September 16, 2012




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